With approximately 85% of our churches in decline, no one disputes the need for revival. The only question seems to revolve around methodology.

In the minds of many, local church revivals are a thing of the past. Evangelists are an endangered species. As a veteran evangelist of 45 years, we are still seeing more professions of faith in a Sunday-Wednesday format than what 98% of our churches will baptize annually! I find this to be true in Arizona, New Mexico, California and other non-Bible belt states as well. Indeed, the Voices of Experience listed here go far in validating the legitimacy of evangelists in today’s society and the continued relevance
of this time-tested methodology.

As a revivalist, it should be noted that my gift mix is not confined to drawing the net evangelistically. I have a deep burden for the complacency and lethargic spirit that dominate so many of our churches. Thus, a balanced approach in challenging the church as well as targeting the unbeliever is utilized during our meetings. In pre-crusade consultation with the pastor, it is not unusual for three out of the five sermons to be directed toward the church.

Our ministry offers a thorough preparation manual designed to maximize potential for the week and will alleviate pressure from the pastor by delegating assignments to key laymen and staff.

Through the years (and I say this with utmost humility) many have described our prep materials as the best they have seen.

Every church has its own culture and mindset. Weekday services may not be the option of choice. I am flexible. Friday-Sunday, Sunday-Monday, whatever works best for you.

Keep in mind, though, an important dimension of our ministry is school assemblies.
A weekend-only format often eliminates or reduces the effectiveness of any youth emphasis during the campaign.

Upon reading the comments from the pastors on our testimonies page, I want to be quick to point all the glory to our Lord Jesus for whatever good has come from these engagements. He is faithful! Likewise, I am deeply grateful to these pastors for attaching their names to our ministry. I believe that God can, and will, do the same in your fellowship as we partner together utilizing the tools He has entrusted to us.

Be A Winner School Assemblies

When I first entered vocational evangelism I knew that our meetings needed at least one night in which the church was intentional in attempting to reach the youth in its respective community.  However, our efforts were modestly successful at best.  I began to ask the Lord for a strategy for reaching this Millennial generation.  The Holy Spirit seemed to be directing me toward public school assemblies.  At that time every youth communicator pursuing this venue seemed to have a history of being delivered from drugs and alcohol.  Never having smoked a cigarette, much less a joint of marijuana; seldom using nose drops, much less snorting a line of coke; seldom drinking root beer, much less a Budweiser; I assumed that God could not use me in this venue.  Yet, the Holy Spirit’s leadership became more intense. 

I was visiting with students in the cafeteria during lunch and overheard numerous students raving about your “Be A Winner” program.  Students who missed the presentation were begging for a ticket to the program this evening.  Very few speakers can hold the attention of 14-19 year old students for that time period and even fewer can impress them—you did both!  I know that your message affected many students and the future decisions they will make.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to come to our school.

Killeen, Texas

Steve Hale’s rapid-fire presentation of facts, life stories, and consequences captured the 700-member student body’s attention the entire time.  Our students listened intently and many waited to speak with Steve afterward and ask him questions.  The students continued to talk about the topics Steve addressed weeks after the assembly.  I also attended the Youth service at a local church which was packed with students from our assembly.  Steve ended with one of the most biblical altar calls I have ever witnessed.  I would recommend that you get him on your calendar.  His message is powerful.


Deputy Sheriff & Resource Officer Blue Ridge, Georgia

Steve hit home runs in each of our school assemblies with nothing but praise from our School Board.  We were thrilled with the response as 264 students made first-time decisions in our crusade.

Okeechobee, Florida

Today, 45 years later, our Be A Winner assembly program has been acclaimed throughout the nation.  Be A Winner has impacted hundreds of thousands of students and is a significant dimension to any crusade effort. 

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