Storm Warnings! America’s Race to a Day of Reckoning (Book)


In his insightful and eye-opening book, Dr. Hale shines the light on America’s plight and offers the only lasting hope for the health of our nation…spiritual awakening throughout the Land.

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Storm Warnings unfolds a convergence of social, moral, economic, political, military, and spiritual conditions that have all come together simultaneously to form the perfect storm for sinking the greatest nation in history.  This is Steve’s most recent book and is already being acclaimed by spiritual leaders throughout the nation.  Dr. Jerry Vines, former pastor of the historic First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida and former two-time president of the Southern Baptist Convention, says, “If you have read Steve Hale’s Truth Decay, you will be excited to read Storm Warnings!”  Others have called it “a prophetic voice to the needs of our day.”

This expansive 644 page volume is well-researched and packed with biblical insight and statistical data that leaves the reader informed, burdened, and motivated to make a difference in praying for spiritual awakening.  The book simply makes the case that America is beyond political deliverance and in dire need of divine intervention.