Awakening: Now or Never! 10 Sermon Series


These ten messages follow the theme from ten chapters of the book by the same title.  Included are:  God’s Wake-Up Call to America (Amos); A Nation at the Crossroads (Jeremiah); Discerning the Signs of the Times (Matthew; The Strategic Catalyst for America’s Awakening (1 Chronicles); Truth is Fallen (Isaiah); When God Removes the Hedge (Isaiah); A Nation Under Siege (Daniel); Habakkuk; When God Abandons a Nation (Romans); When God Troubles a Nation (2 Chronicles).

Awakening: Now or Never! 10 Sermon Series
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America’s State of Emergency Amidst The Church’s State of Complacency

America stands at her most defining moment since the Civil War. Historians say that we are not merely at the edge of a precipice but hanging over the edge of a precipice. One-hundred-twenty high ranking retired military officers signed a letter stating that “Our nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776.” There is little doubt that these are not normal times. The America we once knew, is no longer. We are in stage four of the disease. At this late hour, a national spiritual awakening is our only hope. This places the church at ground-zero, the epicenter, for our much-needed healing.

This is why the number one question from the 2.5 million viewers of the Dr. Phil Show is, “What in the world is happening to our country?” The same question is most frequently asked to Dr. Erwin Lutzer, the esteemed pastor emeritus of Moody Church in Chicago. Thus, both from the secular and the Christian populous, the state of America is on the surface of all hearts. Our destiny hangs in the balance. Awakening: Now or Never! sounds forth with the urgency of a watchman on the wall. Research is in-depth, biblical content is rich, and is a must-read for how to navigate the challenging days we face.

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