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  • “Everywhere I go I hear overwhelming reports of Steve’s graciousness of how he is the easiest evangelist to work with, but yet so Christ-honoring. I’m not surprised. That’s all I’ve ever seen in his life. Steve has been used mightily here at First Baptist in preaching to our people and seeing such a marvelous harvest.”

    Dr. Johnny Hunt
  • “With all of today’s ‘marketing’ of church strategies, I still do not know of any where we see results like we did at the revival with Steve Hale.  Steve, in my honest opinion, is one of the very best preachers in the country.  God’s anointing and power are obviously upon him.  I urge you to invite Steve to your church, and prepare for the best week of your church year.”

    Rev. Rich Jenkins
  • “There is not a more gifted and passionate evangelist in our fellowship that God is using more than He is using Steve Hale.”

    Jim Law
  • “In a day when the revival methodology is being questioned and disregarded by many pastors, our experience with Steve Hale would cause any skeptical pastor to reconsider.  To my knowledge, our meeting with Steve exceeded any other revival in our church’s history.  Attendance was outstanding, the Spirit was vibrating with expectancy, and the many professions of faith left us with much work to done.  Yes, revivals still work and Steve’s preparation manual is one of the best to help make it a reality.”

    Dr. Mark Pitts
The war is real. The casualties are real.
The enemy is real. And
we need to get real in understanding the
assault upon
this young